Welcoming 8/30 Lunch Event Special Guests

We are so pleased to announce the special guests for our Weekly Luncheon Event on Wednesday, August 30, Brandon McCladdie & Tom Hess from:


 Happy Valley United

What is Happy Valley United?

Happy Valley United is the NIL collective that serves all 31 sports and over 850 student-athletes at Penn State. NIL opportunities allow student-athletes to engage with charitable causes and participate in business engagements, to build their brands while making a positive impact. The collective connects fans, alumni, businesses and charities with student-athletes while harnessing the power of Nittany Nation. Supporters can connect with their favorite Blue and White teams through memberships, tax-deductible donations and corporate sponsorships. NIL opportunities allow Penn State student-athletes to focus on representing their school at the highest level of college athletics and their education without worrying about additional expenses. Happy Valley United connects these student-athletes with a wealth of opportunities to earn compensation while furthering their professional and personal development.

SCQB Club Social Guest Speaker 08-30-2023 Happy Valley United