Weekly Events – Vaccination Required To Attend

Dear Members;
Today the Quarterback Club is informing you that attendance at the weekly events this Wednesday and thereafter will be for vaccinated members only. This decision was made after discussions with Penn State Football on behalf of Coach Franklin regarding attendance of the players and Coach Franklin at the first weekly event on September 1st.  Obviously, the Athletic Department and the football program are going to great lengths to keep the players and coaches healthy and avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus. You may have seen the announcement last week from the Big Ten that a team will forfeit the game if it cannot field enough players that day.
Therefore, please do not attend this Wednesday or the following Wednesdays unless you have been fully vaccinated.  We will be using the honor system and relying on the honesty and loyalty of our members.
Also, the requirement to wear a mask remains since that is a Penn State policy and the Mount Nittany Club is a Penn State facility.
We all want the football team to remain healthy and to compete at full strength throughout the season. Your cooperation with this request is a way for the Quarterback Club to contribute to the team’s success this season.
We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday and throughout the season and thank you for your continued support.
Vince Dadamo, President, State College Quarterback Club