State College Quarterback Club Membership Update

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe.
I have nothing new to report except to say that we are awaiting direction from the athletic department regarding plans for this year’s football season. Sometime around June 15, Dr. Barron will be updating the Penn State community on the plans for the summer months, and hopefully for this fall as well.
As you may have read, the NCAA stated that athletes can return to their campus on June 1. For Penn State, this will be based on directions from our Governor, and Dr. Barron.
Because of the unknown, and to keep you informed regarding our State College Quarterback Club membership process for 2020, we want to let you know what the current thinking is:
  1. We must first hear from Dr. Barron and Sandy Barbour.
  2. I will be calling a QB Club Board meeting around June 30th to determine what the Club’s plans will be for this fall.
  3. Membership applications will be accepted only after steps 1 & 2.
  4. Therefore, we do not expect to start the membership drive before the beginning of July.

I hope this helps to bring you up-to-date, and just to say I am optimistic that we will be playing football in the fall, but not sure at this time what this means for our Club.

Mark Toniatti
President, State College Quarterback Club