Fiesta Bowl Media Day Highlights

Fiesta Bowl Media Day Highlights

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Gameday is drawing closer as Penn State took to the field one last time for practice this afternoon. Prior to the practice, nearly the entire team as well as all Nittany Lion coaches participated in the Fiesta Bowl media day event.

Spanning an entire hotel ballroom, the team was divided up based on academic majors, with a few Nittany Lions taking spots around the room at podiums.

Penn State head coach James Franklin kicked off the event, taking to the podium to field questions from a variety of reports. Upon receiving a question about who media members might want to get to know a little better, Franklin noted that’s actually part of what’s so special about college football.

“You’ve got so many kids from so many different backgrounds and perspectives,” Franklin said. “To me, probably the most valuable guys in our program are the guys that you don’t know anything about. The guys that make the program run, the guys that allow us to practice the way we want to practice, the guys that sacrifice so much with their name not being in the newspaper, with them not scoring touchdowns. But we talk all the time about every single person in our program has a significant role that impacts this team.”